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Surname Forenames Date of Burial
BERRY Nanny 2/2/1891
WRIGHT Mary Turner 19/7/1944
CARTER James Murgatroyd 5/1/1907
HOYLE Clement 23/3/1901
NEWEY Mary Elizabeth 30/5/1942
LUMB Susy 17/4/1801
ROBERTS Anne 26/5/1802
SLACK Walter 13/9/1906
DAY Sarah 3/3/1822
FLATHER Tho's 1/5/1828
HARRISON George 12/2/1841
TATE John 26/10/1931
BALMFIRTH Mary 15/2/1746
WILKINSON Crispin 20/9/1764
BROADBENT Mary 15/7/1824
JOWETT John 25/2/1816
PARKINSON James 14/2/1856
MALLINSON Joseph 4/3/1884
ROGERS Ezra 20/2/1943
SMITH John 11/5/1881


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