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Surname Forenames Date of Burial
RAYNER Susanna 7/11/1735
MILNER Winifred 5/11/2007
BARTEY Martha 31/12/1920
WHEELHOUSE John 22/9/1913
SUNDERLAND Rufus 26/11/1845
BUCK William 15/4/1832
DUNWELL John 15/1/1936
APPLEYARD Jane Hannah 29/4/1941
GREEN Stanley 3/11/1921
BREARLY Hannah 9/11/1838
MIDGLEY Sarah 24/5/1734
COOK Ben //
KERSHAW Mary 13/3/1831
FLATHER Henry 10/8/1766
HEMINGWAY Joseph 30/4/1800
SCHOFIELD Abe 2/4/1865
PEARSON Elizabeth 13/2/1855
TRANTER Thomas 10/6/1922
MALLINSON Esther 4/10/1788
HOYLE Ellen 4/5/1859


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