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Surname Forenames Date of Burial
AKELL Rich 27/8/1717
AKELL Tho 26/6/1727
AKEROYD James 15/1/1788
AKEROYD Elizabeth 30/12/1801
AKEROYD Sarah 28/4/1806
AKEROYD Wm 7/11/1816
AKROYD Hannah 24/11/1906
AKROYD David 26/11/1920
AKROYD Frances 15/7/1953
ALDAM Jennifer Blanche 19/1/1946
ALDAM James Frederick 20/8/1958
ALDAM Kate Blanche 28/2/1972
ALDERSON Mary Ellen 9/5/1939
ALDERSON Martha 12/6/1946
ALDERSON Fanny 17/3/1953
ALLAM Elizabeth 17/4/1807
ALLAN George 28/1/1855
ALLAN James Anstruther //
ALLAS Jn'o 1/3/1801
ALLATT James William 27/11/1902

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